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 Standard Dentures

Standard dentures have several shortcomings that can negatively affect your quality of life:

  • They cover your entire upper palette blocking your full sensation of foods including taste, hot and cold.
  • They often slip, shift, pop loose and can cause embarrasing situations in public settings.
  • They can often limit you to mainly softer foods, affecting your range of diet and nutritional intake.
  • They are not designed to match or enhance your face cosmetically and often look like "false teeth".
 Premium Dentures

Premium dentures, in contrast, overcome the limitations of standard dentures:

  • They have an open-palate design that does not cover the palate and thus allows the full sensation of foods.
  • They are anchored using mini dental implants securing them and eliminating the need for denture creams; no more slipping or shifting.
  • They can be equipped with cutter bars, a metal cutting edge implanted in the molars that allows the wearer to effectively chew harder foods such as nuts and grains.  This greatly expands your range of foods and nutritional intake.
  • They can be designed with many different colors and tooth shapes and sizes to match and enhance your facial cosmetic appearance.

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